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The Essence of It—A personal reflection



The next part of my journey is within . . . and impossible to define—I wouldn’t want to. To cultivate mystery and elusiveness is part of what makes it special, I’ve been told.


What truly inspires me are things deep and true, that move my being, tickle me inside, and make me whole. Like when I listen to Callas sing “Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix”—when I listen to her sing anything, really; or when I come upon a poem like Baudelaire’s “Enivrez-vous”; or in an encounter with someone whose mind is aligned with mine, the immediate closeness means happiness to me.


Vulnerability is a courageous step of mind that demands surrender, the only way to freedom and ultimately love—and to feel love is to feel enchanted, out of the mundane realities of this world, to dive into the ultimate  naiveté. That is the zone I choose to create my pieces, large and small. 


And there is wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete—beauty that mirrors life—

unexpected maybe unconventional—that’s my thing. To me, life is organic and uncontrollable (although I’ve definately tried to grab it for a few decades.). This Japanese concept of aesthetics, of being, seems to me naked in its authenticity. It’s where my soul wants to go, so that’s where my brand goes—because I value that, beyond minimalism or opulence, comes truth.


Sometimes, what we call a “pair” of earrings aren’t matched; it’s not necessary that they’re the same size or shape.  To present the beauty of known things in ways that are unconventional, that’s my way. To make simple gem studs, choosing the stones organically because of their natural form and not cutting them to match, because beauty doesn’t require symmetry. Or, in the making of a necklace, one link is longer than another . . . what’s imperfect to others is lovely to me.


To me emotions are expressed through design, in the form of jewelry.


Like a mood or a feeling, each piece is unique, dictated by the natural beauty of the stone. Sometimes even “stoneless,” the metal says enough. Just as I find a common ground and establish closeness with my materials, so I hope my pieces connect with you intimately, not only as an adornment, but as an expression of your authentic self.

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