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fabiana portrait2020.jpg

What inspires me are things deep and true,

the fluidity the metal can evoke in a concrete sensual form.

Fabiana Mortari has always been surrounded by high fashion, instilling in her an early and deep appreciation of beauty and design. From her youth in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where her mother ran the elegant fashion brand Lita Mortari, to starting her own brand and retail store, “Trash,” at age 19, creating cool and youthful designs from the upcycled remnants of her mother’s manufacturing process. Desiring a richer and more complete fashion education, Fabiana moved to Paris in her early twenties to study at the acclaimed fashion school, Studio Berçot, where she began a love affair with the city inspired by the architecture and European chefs d'ouvres d'art.

Nearly after two decades in fashion design, Fabiana turned her attention to creating her own jewelry line. Inspired by the timeless elegance and fine materials of the antique jewelry she had grown to love while living in Paris and Milan, combined with her own modern aesthetic, she creates singular pieces with impeccable craftsmanship, re-telling one of her stories about struggle, surrender, vulnerability, passion or love. 

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