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Growing up, I was surrounded by fashion. Mom was a talented fashion designer with her own stylish and elegant brand. I got inspired and built one too in São Paulo, Brazil. I was 19. It was the ’90s. The brand was hot—young, unisex, and upcycled; thinking about it, how cool. . . .


In my 20s I moved to Paris and studied fashion at an unconventional little school (Studio Berçot) where I got the best of art and whatever else the creative world could offer. Paris—it split my mind open.


I feel lucky to have lived in three very different cities: São Paulo, Paris, and New York; each of them gave me something unique, although my heart belongs to Paris: this incredible city in each and every way, so committed to perpetuating all of its “ je ne sais quoi,” has never failed to tantalize me with its unique charm and culture or its many, many, many interests. I lived in Paris because I had been accepted to enter the hip Studio Berçot fashion school while at a fashion design seminar in São Paulo, conducted by the school’s director and fashion reference genius, Marie Rucki.

That’s where my love for antique jewelry began. In those “fashion times,” circa 1998, I recall walking down Rue Saint Honorée and finding two incredible jewelers, one was an antique shop with jewelry hanging from numerous glass cases all the way to the ceiling in diverse tiny rooms—like a chocolatier of incredible pieces dating from the 17th to the turn of the 20th century—to me, that place was just . . . pure elation!


On the opposite side of that street there was another shop, owned by a French woman with impeccable taste that displayed the best of the current century, some of her own designs and her friend’s, Victoire de Castellane, only.


My blood kept burning in Italy, when in Milan, my mother and I would visit an antique jeweler near the Grand Hotel et de Milan at Via Montenapoleone. It is probably still there, taking away the breath of some antique lover, like moi!


Thus, while I worked in fashion, with fashion, for fashion (for my family’s brand), I roamed the streets of Paris and Milan, twice a year for 12 years in search of inspiration and getting spellbound, overwhelmed by the creativity of the old world.


Although I had never studied jewelry design in my life, I was taught to believe, by my Parisian fashion school director and visionary, that the most important “thing” one could have is “the eye,” the ability to identify good taste, archive it in your visual memory, and create something that would be perceived as fresh and new. Having a “trained eye,” “one could come up with a collection of anything overnight, from lingerie to furniture”—those were her words, and they stuck with me, forever.


In 2006, I gathered the courage to leave fashion for jewelry, to start my own thing, adorning women for a lifetime, I believed, for fashion is fleeting, ever-changing, but jewelry is everlasting—“aere perennius”!


I was deeply enthusiastic in my creative process. I chose wonderful gems that spoke to me, directly from Brazilian miners. These gems inspired my future designs, and later on I had a collection of rings: bold, colorful, whimsical, one of a kind, and handmade by Apóstolos Apóstolopoulos, a fantastic Greek goldsmith who helped me build my brand identity, literally from scratch—a genius! 


One year later I was moving to New York and starting my family, slowly building my business in a new city. Ever since, I’ve been expressing my emotions and experiences through the medium of jewelry. Now I invite you to explore my collections and give in to the joy and pleasure of these creations, if it resonates with you. 

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